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time section "from spreadsheet"-Block Simulink

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Tobias Wzl
Tobias Wzl 17 Jan 2018
답변: Mark Schwab 26 Jan 2018
for my model in simulink, I'm using a "from spreadsheet"-Block to import my simulating data.
how can I tell my block that it has to use the data not for just like 5 sec but just for an infinite time instead, because I've read nothing like that in the documentation....
I hope you understood what I've tried to tell you^^
if not please ask me and I'll try to make it more clear for you

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Mark Schwab
Mark Schwab 26 Jan 2018
I am not sure I understand what you are describing. Setting the simulation time to 'inf' should allow the model to run indefinitely. This can be tone from the toolstrip of your Simulink model or through the solver tab in the configuration parameters window.

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