How to find the third coordinate using MATLAB Mapping Toolbox?

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Hi everyone! I am using google apis for mapping a certain point on google earth. For example mapping a certain point on google earth given its coordinates from MATLAB using the following code:
lat_1 = 44.05897222222222 ; % example latitude
long_1 = 91.97936833333333 ; % example longitude
url = sprintf(',%.4f&sensor=true', lat_1, long_1) ;
buffer = urlread(url);
documentNode = xmlread(url) ;
formattedAddressNodes = documentNode.getElementsByTagName('formatted_address') ;
for k = 1 : formattedAddressNodes.getLength()
fprintf('%s\n', ...
char(formattedAddressNodes.item(k-1).getTextContent())) ;
filename = 'point.kml' ;
Now if I know 02 different coordinates and their in between distance and angles from a particular point source respectively , how can I calculate the third coordinate on google maps? Can I achieve this by applying simple geometry?


Amy Haskins
Amy Haskins 2018년 1월 19일
Try the reckon function:

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