Converting numeric strings in cell to number for very large dataset

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I have read this post which does something similar:
However I wanted to know if there is a more efficient way to do this as my data-set is very large. My dataset contains both text and numbers I what to convert numbers only to number format.
This code takes about 124 seconds to run
I have tried preallocating Qnum but the run time is about the same:
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Peter Mills
Peter Mills 2018년 1월 11일
For an explanation of my MATLAB code formatSpec = '%D %f %f %s %s %*s%*s% ... in line 26 see the Excel file attached where this code is a concatenation of A2:EC2. This file is not required to run the code. All files required to run the code are in the zip in my last comment.

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Guillaume 2018년 1월 11일
The simplest way to read the example file, assuming you're on R2013b or later:
data = readtable('midas_marine-obs-lon-band-f_200901-200912.txt');
That's it! Numbers are read as numbers, text as text, dates as datetime. readtable figures it all out for you.
If you want to name the columns according to the other file, it's just as easy:
headers = readtable('MO_Column_Headers.txt');
data.Properties.VariableNames = headers.Properties.VariableNames
All done, only takes a few seconds to run.
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Guillaume 2018년 1월 12일
"Is it possible to not spend run-time importing the columns I don't need?"
Possibly. readtable is extremely customisable. You have two options:
  • Use the Format option of readtable and use %*fieldtype for the columns you want to ignore just as you would with textscan. The downside is that you now have to figure out the format.
  • Use detectimportoptions on the file and then edit the SelectedVariableNames property of the options, then pass that to readtable. I've not looked at the details of how detectimportoptions work. It may read the whole file which would not save you any time.

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