How can I link a data dictionary to a Simulink block library?

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Hello, I have created a simulink library with blocks. In a simulink library block I have defined some variables, now I want link the simulink library with data dictionary. How can I link the simulink library with data dictionary?


Niraj Gadakari
Niraj Gadakari 2017년 12월 29일
Currently, it is not possible for libraries to have dictionaries linked to them, dictionary related items will be hidden from the menus if it is a library. Only Model blocks (Referenced Models) can have sldd links or references.

riccardo 2020년 12월 13일
편집: riccardo 2020년 12월 13일
It's an old one, but as I had to tackle a similar issue, I thought this might be useful to others.
You cannot link a library block "as is" to a data dictionary.
As your library block will be used in a model, anyway, there are some workarounds possible, like making use of callbacks to add the relevant Data Dictionary entries to the "host" model via Data Dictionary API utilities, which is what one is generally interested in. In this way, when you copy across or initialise or delete the library block, the callback will handle the Data Dictionary entries for the host model.
If you want to build a library to perform library-based code-generation, as described in ,
you can equip the exported interface model with the desired data dictionary. Once the library is built, it is sufficient to make sure that the host model is also equipped with the correct Data Dictionary - you shouldn't need any callback.

Sameer Muckatira
Sameer Muckatira 2021년 5월 17일
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Ka-lip Chu
Ka-lip Chu 2021년 12월 3일
Hello Muckatira,
The External Data tab does not exist in my custom library property.
What is the version of this function? It is not written in the page. I am using R2019b.
Thank you for your time.

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