Simulink name logged runs

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Reuben Symons
Reuben Symons 2017년 12월 2일
답변: Nick Choi 2017년 12월 4일
I would like to name my Simulink runs from a Matlab script. I have a script which runs my model changing three variables to between the original value +10% and -10% to get the complete permutation of all possible runs if a variable is high or low. I would like to then use the simulation data inspector to see how the different inputs have changed the logged output. I would like to give each run a name so that I can easily inspect it. I can't see anyway to set the Name property without changing the entire file name. Is this possible? If not how can I set the description from matlab script.


Nick Choi
Nick Choi 2017년 12월 4일
You can name a run with a string to facilitate data inspection by utilizing a function call similar to this one:
Once the model is simulated, this function call will name the run 'MyRunName'.
The following documentation page provides additional information on how to use the 'Simulink.sdi.createRun' function:

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