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how to create table containing given file data according to its order?

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patel parth
patel parth . 2017년 11월 16일
마감: MATLAB Answer Bot . 2021년 8월 20일
hello all, i am trying to format all data from text file to table form. i want to generate property column which have its particular data in particular raw. can you please help me? below i have attched photo of my txt file. i want to set all properties in raw and colum so i can call any property and i will get particular data for that. thank you so much for your attention.
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patel parth
patel parth 2017년 11월 16일
hello...thank you for your attention. above i have attached text file.

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magate 2017년 12월 29일
Is the file always the same structure? Can you use the import data tool to create a function?
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patel parth
patel parth 2018년 1월 9일
yes,it's always same and i am usind read text file to create function.


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