How to solve "No rule to make target `rtiostream_utils.c' " error while building model in Simulink?

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Hello, I have recently bought S32K144 EVB and tried to execute some given examples and I am getting this error:
"gmake: * No rule to make target `rtiostream_utils.c', needed by `clock_manager.o'. Stop. ### Build procedure for model: 'gpio_s32k14' aborted due to an error. Error(s) encountered while building "gpio_s32k14"
Could someone advise me how to solve this issue?
Thank you in advance.


Nick Choi
Nick Choi 2017년 11월 17일
Without a reproduction model or screenshots of the entire error, it is somewhat difficult to determine a potential root cause. However, this message is usually an indication that 'rtiostream_utils.c' can't be found during the model's build process.
I would check to make sure that the directory that contains this file is included on the build path and that the file actually exists.

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