How can explain the relation between mdlDerivatives output and mdlOutputs in S-function simulink

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I am new in Simulink and have a model which is used the S-function. I can not understand how the output of the mdlDerivatives relates to the outputs of the mdlOutputs? In another word, If I want to write a mfile(without using Simulink) what are the states and what are the outputs? I want to write a mfile and find ddq, dq and q but do not get how states in these two parts make the output?(file attached)


Nick Choi
Nick Choi 2017년 11월 14일
As described in this documentation link, 'mdlDerivatives' is an optional method that can be used to compute the derivatives for the continuous states of an S-function at each time step:
'mdlOutputs' is a required method that computes the outputs for an S-function block at each time step
Regarding how the sections of an S-function relate to each other, the following documentation page provides some useful information on how S-functions work and it also describes how the inputs, outputs and states of a block are related:

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