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Error in Matlab Fundamentals, 6.1 Project Review

Adam Collins 님이 질문을 제출함. 12 Nov 2017
최근 활동 Walter Roberson 님이 답변함. 13 Nov 2017
Can someone please review the Matlab Fundamentals program section 6.1 Project Review parts 2/2 and 2/3? The program is not checking the variables in the workspace (see attached image of errors). My code is identical to the solution but I still get an error. I tried resetting the program but still no luck.

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Hi Walter, thanks for the quick response. I've attached a "blown up" version of the error in this message. Module details are: "Matlab Fundamentals" > Section is 6.1 "Project - Halfway Review of Fundamentals" > subsection task 2 "Women's 200m backstroke".
my code is >>load backstroke
This produces the variables "country","name" and "time" in the workspace when run; however when I submit the program says the variables are not loaded (I can see them in the workspace).
I did a search but I could not find a link to "Matlab Fundamentals" that had a section 6.1 Project Review. I have no idea which site or textbook is being referred to.
the course can be found in the "Matlab Academy"

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Mischa Kim 님의 답변 12 Nov 2017

Adam, thanks for bringing this to our attention.
I will forward your information internally and make sure it is addressed asap.

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There is a similar issues in "5.11 Reshaping Arrays: (7/8) Overall Average Electricity Revenue" and in "6.1 Project - Halfway Review of Fundamentals: (3/3)”

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Walter Roberson 님의 답변 13 Nov 2017

In another question about the same issue, the workaround suggested is to add
boolean = @logical;
near the top of your code.

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