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Javier Naranjo
Javier Naranjo 2017년 10월 17일
댓글: Jan 2017년 10월 19일
Hello everybody,
I am running this command from the Linux Console
sudo ./matlab -r < fol1/hello.m -nosplash -nodesktop
And I get this output from the Linux Console:
No MATLAB command specified
I do not have any idea why this happens.

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Sanjana Ramakrishnan
Sanjana Ramakrishnan 2017년 10월 19일
Since you are using -r flag with matlab command, you would not require the pipe symbol to invoke the 'hello.m'. Modifying the command as below might help resolve the issue:
>>sudo ./matlab -r fol1/hello.m -nosplash -nodesktop
Refer the below link:
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Javier Naranjo
Javier Naranjo 2017년 10월 19일
I solved it with
sudo ./matlab -nosplash -nodesktop -nodisplay -r "cd('~/fol1'); hello;exit"
Jan 2017년 10월 19일
@Sanjana: I made the same mistake yesterday: The -r flag expects working Matlab code, not the path of a function.

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