multiple vectors histogram plotting

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Viviana Arrigoni
Viviana Arrigoni . 2017년 10월 11일
답변: jean claude . 2017년 10월 11일

I would like to plot a histogram like the one in the picture, the x axis is labeled with different matrix names, and for each there is a bar showing the results of three solvers (each having a different colour). For some type of matrices (as matrix k in the picture), there could be no data for a certain solver. The y axis is set as log-scale. Following this stackoverflow, I wrote the following code, that is disastrous:

    x = [x1', x2', x3'];
    [y, b] = hist(x);
    set(gca, 'YScale', 'log')

where x1, x2, x3 are the arrays of the results for each solver, where the missing data is set as 0.

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jean claude
jean claude 2017년 10월 11일
look at this example; it plots this matrix 24x3
load count.dat
legend('Intersection 1',...
'Intersection 2',...
'Intersection 3')


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