How to save output in different column for each loop

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ss 2017년 10월 10일
편집: jean claude 2017년 10월 10일
I was trying to save the output from each for loop into the different column using fprintf(fid,'%7.4f %7.4f %7.4f %7.4f\n',A). I want the first run to complete and save output, and have the second run and save it into different column. However, it is not saving output into four different column rather saving out in a single one. Any suggestion?


jean claude
jean claude 2017년 10월 10일
편집: jean claude 2017년 10월 10일
you have to design the dimension of your output matrix, example if it is 10x3 set i(number of rows) and j(number of columns), than for loop will begin like loop#1 i=1 j=1 loop#2 i=1 j=2 loop#3 i=1 j=3 then loop#4 i=2 j=1 loop#5 i=2 j=2 loop#6 i=2 j=3 ...etc
for i=1:10
for j=1:3
a(i,j)=x ;
you can always use debugging mode to understand how matlab treat your loop

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 2017년 10월 10일
You could save the result in a temporary variable and do fprintf() at once. For example
for k=1:4
fprintf(1,'%7.4f %7.4f %7.4f %7.4f\n',A);


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