running simulink model on a ti c2000 mcu

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kilaparthi praveen
kilaparthi praveen 2017년 10월 9일
답변: Yash 2022년 7월 14일
Respected sir/madam
I am working on Direct power control scheme.I am using Matlab 2016a version. I did simulation part.Now i need to do hardware. my professor gave me the TMS320f28335 kit.
here i need to generate pulses using switching table. I installed embedded coder packages in matlab. My doubt is still i need ccs for this. I installed ccsv6 in my laptop.
But i don't know what i need to do after this.
Actually i want to start from basic. I don't know how to write code to this. But i hears that embedded coder it self generate the c/c++ code to the kit.
So Matlab simulink is the only option available for me.
I want to run these type of programs. Some body help me how to start this. Your help is really worth full for my project. kindly please
help me.

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Yash 2022년 7월 14일
Hi Kilaparthi,
Try to install the dependencies and support packages again referring this video by MATLAB -
It worked for me so hope that it works for you too.

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