how to sutract specific elements in a long array?

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friet 2017년 10월 1일
편집: OCDER 2017년 10월 1일
Hi Suppose I have
x=[ -0.401993355481728
I want to generate an array y which is the same as x except the elements in the middle lets say x(7) to x(11) are subtracted by some constant number.
Thanks a lot

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OCDER 2017년 10월 1일
편집: OCDER 2017년 10월 1일
y = x; %make copy of x
y(7:11) = x(7:11)-0.5; %you had it right
%Or, you could do this. same thing:
y(7:11) = y(7:11)-0.5;
%For a different range of values (Idx) and to subtract a constant (C), you could do:
Idx = 7:11;
C = 0.5;
y(idx) = y(idx) - C;

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