Transfer Learning error when using @readFunctionTrain

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lakshan tharuka
lakshan tharuka 2017년 9월 20일
답변: olivier kwekam 2020년 11월 24일
I get the following error when trying to use the line [trainingDS.ReadFcn = @readFunctionTrain;] in transfer learning.
Error using (line 196) Function readFunctionTrain does not exist.
How to solve this?I tried this code [trainingDS.ReadFcn = @(filename)readFunctionTrain(filename);] but it didn't solve the problem.


SALEM ALMARRI 2019년 1월 20일
I was having the same error, and it was fixed when I downloaded the following
Open Matlab > Apps > Get More Apps > DEEP LEARNING TUTORIAL > INSTALL

olivier kwekam
olivier kwekam 2020년 11월 24일
This is a defined function created by the programmer. It can be found here under functions:

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