Packaged app automatic update ?

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Yannick Ducret
Yannick Ducret 2017년 9월 14일
댓글: JClarcq 2022년 12월 19일
I'm trying to deploy code to many users via a Packaged app. I would like the app to automatically check if a new version of itself is available (say on a network location) and prompt the user to update if this is the case. Has anyone ever tried this ? I can't seem to find a way of checking the version of the code that is in the app package...


Sanjana Ramakrishnan
Sanjana Ramakrishnan 2017년 9월 19일
There are two ways to accomplish this.
Approach I: Store the compiled application in Network drive, and make all users to use the application from the network drive. When you update the application, place the new application in place of the old application in the network drive. This would allow all users to use the updated application. However, you will be able to update the old application with new one, only when none of the users are using it.
Approach II:
a)Place the compiled application on a server. Create a metadata file with version information of the application.
b)In startup.m file which gets compiled with compiled application, include the following logic:
%begin code
current_version=1.0 %setting a variable to store the current version of the application
version=webread(url) %get version information from metadata file in the server %
if version>current_version
%display a prompt to the customer to update the application%
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JClarcq 2022년 12월 19일
At startupfcn, I have detected that a new version is available.
The App downloads to the "App.exe" folder the new "App.exe_NEW"
How do you update the App.exe by overwriting it with "App.exe_NEW" while running?
Would copyfile be able to do that?
Is it possible to close the App and lauch the copyfile?

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