Where are the PID blocks in the Block-Specific Parameters in order to change parameters of these blocks in a script?

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I am using the PID Controller (2DOF) in a Simulink model. By looking at the Block-Specific Parameters of Simulink, I found that the PID blocks don't appear. I need it because I have to modify the parameters of the PID in a script.
Any idea before programming manually the PID algorithm by using basics blocks?


Suze Zhang
Suze Zhang 2017년 9월 20일
Hi Enrique,
To view the block specific parameters for PID Controller (2DOF) block, you can select this block in your Simulink model, then use the following command to get a list of block dialog parameters for this block:
>> get_param(gcb, 'DialogParameters')
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Enrique Pinto
Enrique Pinto 2017년 9월 21일
Thank you Suze!
I executed:
P = get_param('miModel/PID Controller (2DOF)','P')
I = get_param('miModel/PID Controller (2DOF)','I')
and it works!

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