How to run scripts (not functions) with predefined user inputs?

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Vugar 2017년 9월 12일
편집: José-Luis 2017년 9월 12일
There are several scripts in MATLAB with some user inputs (for example, x=input('Enter x: ')). The scripts cannot be executed automatically, since they require to manually define all user inputs. The only way I know to automatically execute the script with predefined inputs is by using pop-up history: I run script once, defining all inputs, and the next time I can simply highlight and launch the script with the previously defined inputs from pop-up history. The drawback of the descibed technique is that I cannot run the script with the predefined inputs from any other place (for example, I want to repeatedly run the script with predefined inputs from another script or function).
Does anybody know a solution differing from using matlab history?


José-Luis 2017년 9월 12일
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José-Luis 2017년 9월 12일
편집: José-Luis 2017년 9월 12일
Like Stephen said, use a function, that's what they're for.
Make your script a function. Any other solution is just a kludge.
A function can call other functions and/or scripts. Encapsulation will preserve your sanity so learn to use it.

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