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updating an sql lite database on my macbook delete and insert

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Charles 28 Aug 2017
댓글: Charles 31 Aug 2017
Hi I wish to update an SQL Lite database file in Matlab on my macbook I understand sql lite has limitations. The replace function does not work. It seems I can merely insert.
The sql lite database already exists. My workflow is
1. retrieve new data for previous 2 period and latest period into Matlab from external data source as a cell array. Thus I will have three rows of data
2. Delete last three rows of data in designated table.
3. insert new data (3 rows) into designated table.
Is there a replace function I can use, or can I really only use insert
my syntax for insert looks like so, where VolumeTable is the designated table, and New_datavoldt is the new data I wish to insert
insert(conn, 'VolumeTable', {'Dates','AUD_CAD', 'AUD_CHF','AUD_HKD','AUD_JPY'}, New_datavoldt(2:end,:))
How do I delete the last three rows before Insert, and is this the best way to achieve mt objective using an SQL Lite file/database

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Abhisek Roy
Abhisek Roy 31 Aug 2017
The MATLAB interface to SQLite supports the insert function only.
Please refer the following document that describes about how to insert data from MATLAB into the SQLite database-

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Charles 31 Aug 2017
Hello. Thanks for this. Most kind
Charles 31 Aug 2017
Are there other options as I need full functionality

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