Optimal for Image analysis

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Albert Rey Ruelan
Albert Rey Ruelan 2017년 8월 21일
답변: Stalin Samuel 2017년 8월 21일
I am doing image processing from extracted from videos. And here are a few of my questions
1.Why is it preferred to read images in PNG rather then JPG? or why is it JPG is not considered the best option when reading images?
2.Are there optimal resolution (example 1920x1080 resolution) for images? We noticed as the image resolution go smaller. The speed of processing that image is faster.


Stalin Samuel
Stalin Samuel 2017년 8월 21일
  • PNG offers you lossless data comparing to JPEG ( Detailed information about JPEG and PNG )
  • i.e You can get the original information in the image
  • While working with videos it is preferred to work on minimum resolution video
  • Because for example 1920x1080 resolution specifies that the particular frame(any video can have n no of frames ) has 1920 number of rows and 1080 number of columns (i.e. Totally 2073600 pixel values )
  • We have to process on each pixels
  • So if no of pixels is high then the processing time will be high

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