How to reduce vectors sizes if an element in a parent vector equals to zero without accessing for loop

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Dear all,
I have the following code, is there a way to do the same thing but without for loop?
P_max = [100 150 200];
B = [1 2 3];
Pg = [90 150 150];
P=P_max - Pg;
for i=1:length(P_max)
if (P(i) == 0)
B(:,i) = [];
Pg(:,i) = [];
P_max(:,i) = [];
Thanks! George.

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene 2017년 8월 7일
Hi George,
Yes, there's a very efficient way to do this in Matlab without loops. Get the indices of all P = 0 like this:
ind = P==0;
Then remove the corresponding elements in B, Pg, and P_Max like this:
B(ind) = [];
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