How to remove some detected edges from the edge map ?

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Piyum Rangana
Piyum Rangana 2017년 5월 11일
댓글: Piyum Rangana 2017년 5월 20일
Using the prewitt edge detector I obtained the below output.
How can I remove edges of the blue circled area from this edge map. the original image I attached herewith.

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Gautham Sholingar
Gautham Sholingar 2017년 5월 15일
The following code snippet will allow you to automatically select the region you want to remove by double-clicking the region and then remove the extra section.
img = imread('king.png'); % assuming king.png is the original image called 2.png
t = title('Double-Click on the region you want to remove!',...
h = impoint;
pos = round(h.getPosition);
rgbIndices = rgb2ind(img,5);
SE = strel('Disk',1,4);
for ii = 0:4
thisMask = ismember(rgbIndices,ii);
thisMask = imfill(thisMask,'holes');
thisMask = imopen(thisMask, SE);
thisMask = bwareaopen(thisMask,100);
[y,x] = find(thisMask);
if all(ismember(pos,[x,y]))
maskInd = ii;
outline = edge(rgb2gray(img),'Prewitt');
newOutline = outline & ~imdilate(thisMask,SE);
Copy this code and run this as a script with the image open and then select the section you want to remove.
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Piyum Rangana
Piyum Rangana 2017년 5월 20일
Thank you so much for the answer. Actually what I tried to do was remove those areas (So called damaged or degraded) and take the output image. Then I tried to recover the damaged edges. Can I do that in this way ?

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