Compiling matlab code for the cluster

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Hari 2017년 4월 23일
답변: Michael Croucher 2020년 9월 28일
I am using 2015b version of matlab on windows. I am planning to run my program on a high performance computer. The basic requirement is that the code should be compiled into a standalone application and the .sh file obtained as output after compiling should be modified and given as input to the cluster. But I am not getting any .sh file as output after compiling. I got some .exe and text files as output. Is it because I'm using windows os?. In that case how can the input be given to cluster? Please help


Michael Croucher
Michael Croucher 2020년 9월 28일
You need to compile on a Linux machine. You may find that you can compile on the cluster in question -- something to check with your system administrator.

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