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Restart or Shutdown Raspberry PI crashes Matlab

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Hi guys,
To restart:
system(raspberrypi,'sudo shutdown -r now')
system(raspi,'sudo shutdown -r now')
It works! Raspberry Pi restarts but Matlab continues busy even after Raspberry Pi has restarted.
Also, I didn't find any documentation about raspberrypi vs raspi, what is the difference between one and other?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 20 Sep 2017
I am not surprised. I would tend to expect that communication with the raspberry follows a protocol, and that MATLAB will continue to believe the connection is busy until it gets the "all done" response, which it is not going to ever get because you rebooted the device.
The raspi object is designed mostly for use from MATLAB; the raspberrypi function is designed mostly for use with Simulink.

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Mario Frischmann
Mario Frischmann 20 Sep 2017
Any solutions?
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Alejandro Ojeda
Alejandro Ojeda 5 Jul 2018
This is nonblocking
p = raspberrypi;
p.system('sudo shutdown -r +1');

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