Many Java erros under Windows 7 using "Windows 7 basic" theme.

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Cem 2012년 3월 23일
편집: Walter Roberson 2016년 2월 19일
If I set the windows 7 desktop theme "Windows 7 Basic", matlab opens with "Error Starting Desktop" windows listing many Java errors (java.lang.NullPointerException".....) But instead if I use "Windows Classic" theme it works fine! I am using Matlab R2007a.


Jan 2012년 3월 23일
Matlab 2007a does not support Windows 7. The workaround to disable the Aero-Desktop is sufficient, but there is no workaround for this workaround.
I run Matlab 6.5 in a Virtual PC under XP/32. While I assume, that Matlab itself would run (with enabled compatibility modes and without Aero), the license manager crashs efficiently.
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Cem 2012년 3월 23일
Hello Jan,
But I was able to install on another machine, and it works there. I just do not know how! But I will follow your advise and install it under Win XP in a virtual box. Thank you.

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross 2012년 3월 23일
Have you tried turning off UAC? MATLAB could be trying to write somewhere where Windows thinks it shouldn't be? As a quick experiment, see if running it as Adminstrator makes a difference (right-click on icon, Run As Administrator)
Also if you google on this I know there are a few threads on cssm regarding what people have done.
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Cem 2012년 3월 24일
I am running application as admin too. Doesn't make any difference. It's a Java related error. Matlab works if the Win 7 desktop theme is Classic, if not doesn't.

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Chris 2012년 3월 23일
I get the same think and I am using the latest b version with windows 7 . I am not sure why but it seems to happen when I have a for loop that has been running after a few hours I get this. It is really annoying because I have to stop and restart.

Chris 2012년 3월 23일
I also noticed that it tends to happen a lot when I am running something else java related. I use logmein and it seems to happen everytime I use logmein, I am not sure the connection. I just turned my windows 7 to classic and disabled user account control and will let you know if it fixes.

Chris 2012년 3월 24일
I disabled user account control, went to the windows classic scheme and same problem. As soon as I remoted into my computer via logmein it caused all sorts of java errors in the matlab command window. Not sure why but something with logmein causes matlab to go crazy.




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