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How do I get the x,y coordinates of port handles on a susbsytem block?

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Jeff Fetta
Jeff Fetta 24 Mar 2017
답변: Praveen Kumar 24 Jun 2019
How can I determine, programmatically (that is, in an M-script), the position of these port handles on a subsystem? As the subsystem resizes, or as ports are added, the "bubbled up" representation on the subsystem block changes; I want to position other elements relative to these ports and thus need to be able to determine their final positions.

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Jeff Fetta
Jeff Fetta 24 Mar 2017
Well, I answered my own question...PortConnectivity is the parameter I was looking for. Here is some code that will "clean up" the input and output ports for a subsystem like that above (assuming input and output port blocks are connected to the subsystem block). Make sure you select the subsystem to clean-up first!
% get the subsystem port handle positions
pc = get_param(gcb,'PortConnectivity');
% distance from the subsystem to the port
offset = 200;
for i = 1:numel(pc)
% position of port connector
y = pc(i).Position(2);
x = pc(i).Position(1);
% port block handle and size
if isempty(pc(i).SrcBlock)
ph = pc(i).DstBlock;
off = -(offset-50); % asthetics here...related to the width of the port block
ph = pc(i).SrcBlock;
off = offset;
% port block dimmensions
pp = get_param(ph,'Position');
w = pp(3)-pp(1);
h = pp(4)-pp(2);
% adjust position of port block

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Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar 24 Jun 2019
I need help, how to backtrace the inport in between the two subsytems.
Subsystem - A is connected with Subsystem - B. I want Subsystem - B 1st inport is connected to which outport of Subsystem - A.
I need programmatically.
Anyone help me.

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