Mex file created with coder together with a standalone mcc program

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Martin Andersson
Martin Andersson . 2017년 3월 14일
답변: Dhruvesh Patel . 2017년 3월 23일
Hi, I have two standalone program communicating to save time I have created a mex version of one of the files which works fine on the complied computer. But then I tries to use the two files on another computer where I have installed the MATLAB Compiler Runtime libery this dose not work.
Does any one know how to make a a mcc program and a mex file work on other identical systems?
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Jan 2017년 3월 14일
Please explain "does not work" with any details.

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Dhruvesh Patel
Dhruvesh Patel 2017년 3월 23일
Since you have not mentioned the error, I would like to point you to a couple of general resources which might help you resolve your issue.
  1. The version of MATLAB Compiler used to create the standalone applicatin must be compatible with the version of MCR installed on the client machine which tries to run the application. Please refer the following documentation to find the compatible MCR version for your application. List of MATLAB versions and compatible MCR versions.
  2. The path structure in a standalone application is not the same as the path structure in MATLAB. This may lead to the application not having access to files that were available when running the code in MATLAB. Please read the following blog article that discusses this topic. Path Management in Deployed Applications


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