Is it possible to input all my previous T 91 aircraft data from C++ onto a model on simulink to see how the aircraft behaves? If possible, which model should i use?

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Anthony Mukuria
Anthony Mukuria 2017년 2월 10일
댓글: Anthony Mukuria 2017년 2월 19일
I am looking for a model on Simulink where I can input all my previous data for the T-91 aircraft. Which is the best model to use?


Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu 2017년 2월 17일
I am assuming that you are looking to include existing C++ code in Simulink. There are three ways which allows you to integrate C++ code into Simulink:
1) You can integrate existing C (or C++) functions, such as device drivers, lookup tables, and general functions and interfaces, into Simulink models by using the Legacy Code Tool. Please refer to the following documentation for more information:
2) You can manually write a wrapper S-function to call external C++ code. The procedure is very similar to writing a wrapper function in C. Please refer to the following doc page:
3) Another option is to use Stateflow custom code interface. You may refer to the following documentation:
There is also an example available demonstrating how to use Stateflow to integrate external code into a model:
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Anthony Mukuria
Anthony Mukuria 2017년 2월 19일
The model I decided to work with to evaluate the T-91 flight dynamics is the light weight aircraft example from the aerospace blockset. However my existing C++ code is in a pdf format. Is there an easy way to just replace the light weight aircraft's data with the T-91 data?

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