Figure freezes during input() command on Windows

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Matt J Dunn
Matt J Dunn 2017년 2월 9일
댓글: Matt J Dunn 2017년 2월 15일
I am writing a program that allows the user to select a data point on a figure using datacursormode() and simultaneously awaits input from an input() command. On MATLAB 2016b (Mac), this works fine; I can select a point without any problems. On Windows, the figure window freezes and only updates when the program advances beyond the input() line. Consequently, I can't see my data cursor (it only appears when the program moves on).
I understand about the command drawnow(), but I need to be able to wait for the user to select a data point in the figure and then press a key to indicate that they are happy with their selection.
The code works as follows:
<2D data drawn to figure window>
dataCursor = datacursormode(gcf);
set(dataCursor,'DisplayStyle','datatip','SnapToDataVertex','off','Enable','on'); % change to 'data cursor mode'
userType = input('Select data point, then press enter. Type ''end'' to end >','s'); % FIGURE WINDOW FREEZES HERE

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Harsh 2017년 2월 15일
Are you using MATLAB R2016a? There was a bug with that version that was fixed in R2016b. The bug report and more details can be seen here:
One possible workaround worth trying is to use 'pause(0.5)' statement before the call to the input function.


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