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Simulink variables initializtion problem

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According to this example, all initial variables are defines in power_PVarray_250kW_param.m. It seems that this m files is called at starting simulation. But when I make new simulink file, and even copyed all contents in power_PVarray_250kW.slx, but it doesn't worked.
There are error messages, "Error evaluating parameter 'NominalPower' in 'aaa/120 kV // 25 kV 47 MVA'"
My question is
1. How can I define initial values in simulink using m file 2. Is any options or method to eliminate error messages?

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Hyunsoo Park
Hyunsoo Park 6 Feb 2017
I found answer;
Menu File -> Model Properties -> Callbacks. In the "PreLoadFcn", you can use a load command. Variables are still stored in MATLAB workspace.

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Ben Rancici
Ben Rancici 3 Feb 2017
Are you sure that 'NominalPower' is well defined in 'power_PVarray_250kW_param.m'? If so, have you launched this .m file before running the Simulink?

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Hyunsoo Park
Hyunsoo Park 3 Feb 2017
In case of demonstration file, there is no need to launch m file. I want to automatically launch m file, when simulation starts

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