How to connect matlab mobile (iphone wifi) directly to laptop using adhoc network

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John Gephart
John Gephart . 2017년 1월 6일
편집: Image Analyst . 2020년 4월 14일
The eventual location to collect data does not have reliable local wifi

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Sanjana Ramakrishnan
Sanjana Ramakrishnan 2017년 1월 10일
편집: Image Analyst 님. 2020년 4월 14일
Refer the below link to connect to a computer running MATLAB from an iOS device:
The above documentation assumes both the computer and the mobile to be on the same wireless network.
  1. Are you trying to connect mobile and computer which are in different wireless networks?
  2. Have you already tried the steps mentioned in the above documentation? Are you still facing any issues?
There is no mention of any limitation or system requirement of using adhoc network to connect mobile to MATLAB session running on a computer.
Refer the below link:
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Ivan Ferraz
Ivan Ferraz 2020년 4월 14일
편집: Image Analyst 님. 2020년 4월 14일
La página que estaba buscando no se encuentra disponible en esta versión de la documentación. Puede usar el cuadro de búsqueda o examinar los productos para buscar información relacionada. También puede ver documentación archivada para versiones anteriores.
The page you were looking for is not available in this version of the documentation. You can use the search box or browse products to find related information. You can also view archived documentation for previous versions.

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Pradeep 2019년 10월 15일
As of September 2019, MATLAB Mobile no longer supports the workflow of connecting to a MATLAB session running on your computer.
To continue using the app, please connect to MathWorks Cloud from the app. When connected to MathWorks Cloud, you will still be able to: view, edit, create and evaluate MATLAB files, visualize data, acquire data from device sensors and capture images and videos from the device camera.


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