Call of a jar-file (compiled with matlab), throw complete stack (of matlab errors) back to java

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I'm trying to integrate a compiled matlab-programm (as a jar-file) into a java-environment.
1) Is it possible to get a complete stack-trace back to original calling jar-file out of matlab? (Line numbers, functions, ...)
Up to now, it seems that I've to use something like that:
msgText = getReport(ME,'extended','hyperlinks','off');
msgText2 = regexprep(msgText,'\s+',' ');
baseException = MException(msgID,msgText2);
2) Is it possible that the all exceptions are formated in that way, without defining a try-catch-block around the whole function?
Thank you

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Sanjana Ramakrishnan
Sanjana Ramakrishnan 2017년 1월 19일
1.The message text and stack information would be available in an 'MWException' class in Java. You can use a try/catch on the java side to capture the same. Refer the following example:
foo.Class1 c = new foo.Class1();;
catch(MWException e){
2. Since MWExceptions don’t include the message id, you can write a small function to capture the desired information rather than include it in each try catch.

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