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how can I plot an icon on a map axis

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Stephen Forczyk
Stephen Forczyk 2016년 12월 19일
답변: mizuki 2016년 12월 20일
I would like to create maps showing ocean areas with small ship icons at the ship locations. I can create icons but how do I add them to the map?

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mizuki 2016년 12월 20일
If you have an internet connection, use WEBMAP to draw a map and WMMARKER to put the icon on the map. (See the second example in WMMARKER)
If you do not, use GEOSHOW to draw a map and put an image:
geoshow('landareas.shp', 'FaceColor', [0.5 1.0 0.5]);
hold on
img = imread('peppers.png');image([-70 -50],[0 20],img);
The following documentation code might help you to get an idea. (This is bioinformatics example, but the mapping part does not require it to run)
- Displaying Geographic Regions of the H5N1 Virus on a Map of Africa and Asia

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