Matlab Coder and OpenMP

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Arwel 2016년 12월 16일
편집: Mandar Patwardhan 2016년 12월 21일
I want to mex a function which contains a 'parfor' loop. 'Mex -setup' tells me I'm using 'Intel C++ Composer XE 2013 with Microsoft SDK 7.1', which is on the list of compatible compilers. However, when I try to make the mex, coder tells me 'The selected compiler does not support the OpenMP library. This loop will not be parallelised'. But, according to the Intel website, this compiler should run OpenMP, as per this link...
What am I doing wrong here? Have I missed some configuration step somewhere?


Mandar Patwardhan
Mandar Patwardhan 2016년 12월 21일
편집: Mandar Patwardhan 2016년 12월 21일
Refer to the following MATLAB Answers post for more information on MATLAB Coder and OpenMP.


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