How do I automatically show a console window when launching a compiled app on a Mac?

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Matt J Dunn
Matt J Dunn 2016년 12월 13일
답변: Taylor 2024년 4월 4일 13:47
I understand that on Windows systems, when running a compiled MATLAB app, a DOS window also appears which acts as the console. I also understand that using a Mac, it is possible to launch compiled apps from the console, by navigating to the './applauncher' file.
I fear that asking end users to navigate the filesystem using the Terminal may be a bit too advanced, and would prefer that a console window automatically appear when the app is launched, just as (I'm told) it does on a PC.
Is there some way of either specifying to the MATLAB compiler that I want a Terminal window to launch when the .app file is clicked, or some way of modifying a shortcut to the .app which brings up the Terminal window at the time of app launch?

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Taylor 2024년 4월 4일 13:47
Have you tried just calling
in the startup function of you app?


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