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• Given a three-phase power system with a medium-length transmission line, calculate the sending-end voltage and current by hand and by using Matlab code.

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Marie Parker
Marie Parker 3 Dec 2016
답변: Tamir Suliman 3 Dec 2016
Trial>> %M-file to calculate the sending end voltage and current for a medium-length transmission line. Trial>> %Initialize received voltage, impedance, and admittance Trial>> vr = 12700 ; Trial>> z = 0.1 + j*0.82; Trial>> y = j*4.00e-3; Trial>> %Calculate ABCD constants Trial>> A=z*y/2 + 1; Trial>> B=z; Trial>> C=y * (z*y/4 + 1); Trial>> D=z*y/2 + 1; Trial>> %Calculate the sending end voltage Trial>> ir = pol2cart(393.65,5.28); Trial>> vs = A * vr + B * ir; Trial>> [mag,phase] = cart2pol(vs); Not enough input arguments.
Error in cart2pol (line 21) th = atan2(y,x);

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Tamir Suliman
Tamir Suliman 3 Dec 2016
You will have to add more details from the problem like for example S value how did you arrive to Ir values to convert
This is an example on how to solve a problem liket his
You will have to look at the help functions for the poly2cart and cart2poly
vr = 12700;
z = 0.1 + j*0.82; % Perphase series impedance
y = j*4.00e-3; %The per-phase shunt admittance
%%The ABCD constants for a medium length line
A=z*y/2 + 1;
C=y*(z*y/4 + 1);
D=z*y/2 + 1;
% The rated line voltage is 12.7Kv so the rated phase voltage
%is 12.7 Kv/Sqrt(3)
[sd ir] = pol2cart(393.65,5.28);
Vr = 7.3323e3;
[mag,phase] = cart2pol(real(Vs),imag(Vs))

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