Error in compiled code with wavelet toolbox

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Marco Baglio
Marco Baglio 2016년 11월 3일
답변: Wayne King 2016년 11월 3일
I have a matlab GUI, which works perfectly in Matlab, that I compiled in a stand-alone application. However I receive an error in a particular callback; which I've got from the command line interface:
wfilters ---> Invalid wavelet file : dmey.mat
The corresponding line is:
nxdim = max(read(wpdec(zeros(1,ndata),depth,wvlt),'sizes',2^depth-1));
It is clearly related to wavelet toolbox, but I couldn't find anything with debugging or on the web.

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Wayne King
Wayne King 2016년 11월 3일
Hi Marco, This was a bug that was fixed in 16b. You should be able to get around this bug by using the -a option with mcc. The -a option will include the file you are missing.
mcc -a dmey.mat
I don't think you should need to specify the full path because dmey.mat should be on the MATLAB path.
Hope that helps, Wayne


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