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How to convert Simulink model to VHDL code?

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Ibnul Jaif Farabi
Ibnul Jaif Farabi 13 Oct 2016
답변: Krishna Adi 20 Jan 2021
How can I convert a Simulink model into VHDL code? Is it later possible to implement it in the FPGA? I'll be using Microsemi SmartFusion2 FPGA.


Stalin Samuel
Stalin Samuel 13 Oct 2016
  • Using HDL Coder you can generate VHDL code from matlab /simulink file
  • For more details on HDL Coder click here
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Ibnul Jaif Farabi
Ibnul Jaif Farabi 14 Oct 2016
As different FPGAs have different math blocks, so the code that works on one type of FPGA, might not work in another. So is it possible to define a specific FPGA in HDL Coder?

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Krishna Adi
Krishna Adi 20 Jan 2021
Thanks Stalin for answering the question.
Yes, you need HDL coder to generate VHDL code from Simulink model and the generated HDL code can be used for FPGA programming or ASIC prototyping and design.
For more information, please refer the below link:

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