Program Arm Using One Motor But Two Buttons - Vex

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Chandler Dykes
Chandler Dykes 2016년 10월 2일
답변: Anusha Sridharan 2016년 10월 6일
What we are trying to do is get the arm to move clockwise and counter clockwise using only one motor but, we want to use two different gamepad buttons. One to make it move clockwise and the other to make it move opposite. We tried to do this but it did not work. Any help. We are usong the VEX support package.
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John D'Errico
John D'Errico 2016년 10월 2일
편집: John D'Errico 2016년 10월 2일
The crystal ball is soooo foggy today. I even tried some Windex - no luck. Then I tried my set of MATLAB tarot cards. They suggest that your code is probably incorrect, or possibly I misread them, and they said you will come into a serious sum of money soon. So hard to read. :)
If you want some serious help, then show what you did. Even better is to learn to debug your code, since it can be incredibly difficult for someone (at a distance) to debug a large piece of code written by a novice, when nobody but you can actually test it.

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Anusha Sridharan
Anusha Sridharan 2016년 10월 6일
You can take a look at the demo for creating a Tank Robot using an ARM Cortex-based VEX Microcontroller given in the link below:
This could be different from your actual workflow but you could use this as a starting-point.


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