Error on InitFcn CallBack (using MatLAB (2016a) & CCSV6)

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Hi, I am trying to use a Ti Piccolo Launchpad F28027 using MatLAB embedded coder support. I am using CCS_V6 for this purpose and configured the MatLAB (2016a release) using 'targetinstaller' and 'targetupdater'.
Although I couldn't get much examples/videos I used the available for CCS_V5. I have downloaded an example DC/DC Buck Converter and started code generation (Deploy to Hardware) and gets the following error message;
### Build procedure for model: 'c2000_buck_converter' aborted due to an error.
Error evaluating *'InitFcn' callback of C280x GPIO* Digital Output block (mask) 'c2000_buck_converter/C_Tasks/GPIO_31'.
Caused by: Undefined function or variable ' *validateC280xGPIO*'.
Component: Simulink | Category: Block error
could you please help me on resolving this.


Brian McKay
Brian McKay 2016년 9월 27일
This looks like a support package installation problem. For some reason, some of the files are missing in your installation.
One thing to try is run “rehash toolboxcache” from MATLAB command window. If this is not working, please try to re-install the support package.
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Pravesh Srivastava
Pravesh Srivastava 2020년 6월 2일
I am using matlab on ubuntu 18.04, I am getting this error for Audio Device Reader, can you help ?

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