Simulink TI C2000 Boot mode

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Oliver 2016년 8월 30일
댓글: Nils 2023년 1월 19일 9:41
I'm running simulink models on an TI C2000 F28069M Launchpad. The launchpad has three switches to select the boot mode (see attached User's guide section 5.3). I can load a model to the launchpad when switch 3 is in up position.
It runs as expected, but when the power supply is taken away and then reapplied, the code doesn't start running. Therefore, no standalone operation is possible. Standalone operation only works with the switch in down position, but then the debugger can't connect to the launchpad.
Is there a way for getting standalone operation and being able to load new models without having to change the position of the switch every time?

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Antonin 2017년 8월 7일
This is a late reply for a question that is still relevant today. To be able to load code automatically from MALTAB/Simulink and be able to run it in standalone mode, all boot switches need to be places towards the "ON" label on the LAUNCHXL-F28069M Launchpad. For standalone operations, make sure to enable the "boot from flash" option in the configuration parameters of your Simulink model.
I hope it helps,
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Nils 2023년 1월 19일 9:41
I am facing the same issue (all switches in "ON" position, "boot from flash" checked).
Was there a solution already?
Best regards

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