Image capture with RPi camera

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Igor Potocnik
Igor Potocnik 2016년 8월 10일
댓글: Nipuna 2020년 12월 15일
I would like to capture the image (preferably in grayscale) with MATLAB script, not from Command Window. (Unless it's the only way to capture the image ...) Then I would save it on RPi and compress it (still with MATLAB code) there. As far as I know snapshot command is working from Command Window and it automatically fetches the image to MATLAB. How can I capture and save the image directly on RPi (not sending it back to RPi from MATLAB)?
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Nipuna 2020년 12월 15일
I used this approch
% Create a connection to the Raspberry Pi hardware
raspiObj = raspi;
system(raspiObj,'raspistill -o /home/pi/Pictures/"name.jpg"')

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