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vision.videoplayer fit to window

nedonatelli 님이 질문을 제출함. 9 Aug 2016
최근 활동 Adrian Bell 님이 답변함. 25 Jul 2019
The images I pass into the vision.videoplayer object are much larger than the object itself. I find it frustrating to manually select fit to window when I process many videos in a row at varying image sizes. Is there any way to programmatically fit the video to the video player object? The documentation on this toolbox is very skimpy at best and I find it surprising the object only has two properties listed:
not to mention most of the methods actually seem quite useless...
Before it is mentioned: I am specifically looking for an option with the vision.videoplayer object. I have the capability of making my own UI that can play the video at the correct fit but I do not wish to take this route for simplicity's sake.

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Swarooph 님의 답변 9 Aug 2016

Have you tried playing with the Position property of the object? This can change the size of the VideoPlayer's window using a parameter of the form [left bottom width height].

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I have tried this already, this only applies to the figure the object is placed in, not to the images the object runs. I'll include the link again:
along with the quote that explains the position property:
"Specify the size and position of the video player window in pixels as a four-element vector of the form: [left bottom width height]. This property is tunable."

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Adrian Bell 님의 답변 25 Jul 2019

Basically, you use figure handles on the player object to automatically press the "Maintain fit to window" button for you.
fig_handle = gcf ;
fig_handle.findobj % to view all the linked objects with the vision.VideoPlayer
ftw = fig_handle.findobj ('TooltipString', 'Maintain fit to window'); % this will search the object in the figure which has the respective 'TooltipString' parameter.
ftw.ClickedCallback() % execute the callback linked with this object

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