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Separate background from foreground using Kalman Filter

chfakht chfakht 님이 질문을 제출함. 2 Aug 2016
최근 활동 Image Analyst 님이 댓글을 추가함. 29 Dec 2017
Hi all,
I need to separate the background from the foreground in a video using Kalman filter. Can somebody give me some resources or examples to follow.

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Image Analyst 님의 답변 3 Aug 2016

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The foregroundDetection is not working , it shows only a ball traversing a Box but i cannot see any foreground extraction ! , the same thing if i tried with another video. Can you help on that , thanks.
Then call them and tell them that their posted demo does not work at all. I'm sure they would want to know.

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sabari vasan 님의 답변 29 Dec 2017

Hai everyone I need a code for separate the background and foreground from the grayscale image without any changes in pixels

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This is not an answer to chfakht's original question. You should start your own question for this, if, after running my Image Processing Tutorial in my File Exchange you still can't figure it out. If so, read this and post your image and tell us what the foreground and background are, and tell us what "separate" means to you (like do you want a logical mask, a masked gray scale image, or what????). Also, tell us what you want to measure once you have segmented out the foreground and background.

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