how can I generate a high frequency signal with simulink

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Sisi Di
Sisi Di . 2016년 7월 25일
답변: Sabin . 2023년 9월 27일
I'm trying to generate a 40kHz sine wave with signal generator in simulink, but the result in the scope looks like a triangle wave. Can simulink generator such high frequency wave? or is there any preference I set wrong ? Thanks a lot.
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Sabin 2023년 9월 27일
It is possible to generate high frequency waveforms. The problem is probably related to the solver settings, basically Simulink will not have enough points to capture the desired behavior. If you are using Variable step simulation with everything on Auto, Simulink will compute the maximum step size to 8.33333e-6 when trying to generate a 40 kHz waveform. Therefore, it will look more like an up-down counter. By changing the Max step Size in the Solver configuration/Solver to 1e-6 or lower, the sine wave will look OK. Similarly, if you are using fixed step simulation double check that sample time is small enough to capture all the details. I hope this helps.


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