Using SLDV to check compatibility occurs error "Find requres variable sizing"

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Hi, I used the same model by generating C code with embedded coder as well. It works without the error. But by using SLDV the function "find" in the model cause the "Find requres variable sizing" error. Why are the "find" function is not compatible with SLDV? How to pass the compatibility check in SLDV if model have "find" function? Thanks.


Arunkumar M
Arunkumar M 2018년 11월 9일
SLDV needs to know the size of all outputs in advance. Hence it can only work with fixed size variables. find function can return variable size output depending on the input. Hence this error. I dont think there is any way around for this by retaining find function.
I guess you can redesign the same logic without using find function.

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