Prevent ANFIS from negative or unrealistic outputs

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Martin 2012년 2월 14일
Hi all, I'm using ANFIS in order to forecast load values based on several inputs. However, many outputs are negative or sometimes very high valued and the accuracy is very bad. It is to be noted, that nor negative neither high values are included in the learning data.
I tried several things to address these problems, e.g. - preprocessing of the inputs - enlarge or shrink the learning data - adapting learning algorithm - adapting and/or methods - ...
Whatever I did, the outputs didn't get any better. I am aware of the fact, that the curve to predict is highly fluctuating and therefore a very complex case for ANFIS. Nevertheless, I hope to improve my results with further adaptions.
Has anyone any idea? I'm rather helpless at this point and really really stuck.
Thank you very much in advance! Martin
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Martin 2012년 3월 28일
If you could describe your problems a bit more precisely, I would be happy to help you if I am able to.

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Win co
Win co 2012년 3월 28일
Hi, Could you show me your data file (train and check data) ? Winn
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Martin 2012년 3월 28일
Hi, I use data like stored in the .xlsx file linked below. The load values to be predicted are in the first column, the rest (except of date) are input parameters for anfis. However, I do not use all of the parameters. The most important seem to be
- Hour
- Weekday
- PrevWeekSameHourLoad
- prevDaySameHourLoad
- Awake and present
The train and checking data varies: I split up the complete dataset to several subsets and use about 90% for training and 10% for checking. Then I try to forecast the next few values (from 24 to 168 values). In the next step I use recent values to forecast the next and so on. I also varied the range of training data from few to many.
However, in any approach I tried, the problems I mentioned above appear.
Thank you very much for your help!

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Martin 2012년 3월 28일
One more thing: I used genfis to generate the anfis system and I also tried to develop an own underlying FI system. However, in each case the problems appeared.

Win co
Win co 2012년 4월 20일
Firstly, I'm sorry about not replying soon because this forum has not sent me notification of your comment. Secondly, your link seems not downloadable. Thirdly, could you show us the figures of training and checking phase ? Regards, Winn

Harry 2013년 9월 7일
i have exactly the same problem as Martin described above. Does anyone know how to solve the problem?
Thank you very much for your answer!


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