fuzzy logic in Matlab

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Nesae Mouzehkesh
Nesae Mouzehkesh . 2012년 2월 13일
편집: Tasos Giannoulis . 2017년 6월 30일
For a part of my research I have to develop a fuzzy logic system. My problem is that my network has to be simulated in OMNet++ which already has the model for IEEE 802.15.4 standard, but I can't implement the fuzzy logic part in OMNet++ as it does not have a toolbox for it and writing a C++ code for it could be quite difficult. I have decided to implement the fuzzy logic part in Matlab but the question is: Will I be able to later export the entire fuzzy logic system to my simulations in OMNet++ where I want to run my network simulations integrated with that fuzzy logic system? (because the inputs are real time variables when the simulations are running and the fuzzy logic system has to run over them for as many times as needed during a simulation run).
I have one more question as well, do we have IEEE 802.15.4 model in Simulink or Matlab?
Thank you so much for your time.
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CC 2012년 2월 16일
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Tasos Giannoulis
Tasos Giannoulis 2017년 6월 30일
편집: Tasos Giannoulis 님. 2017년 6월 30일
In R2017a, the Communications System Toolbox Library for the ZigBee Protocol is available in MATLAB. This library vertically spans the entire IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee stack (PHY, MAC, NET and APP layers).
To download this library, you can navigate in the MATLAB toolstrip -> Add-Ons -> Get Add-Ons -> Search for "Communications System Toolbox Library for the ZigBee Protocol".


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