Why am I getting wave like this for repeating sequence block?

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Muhammed Fasil
Muhammed Fasil . 2016년 6월 2일
답변: Sebastian Castro . 2016년 6월 5일
I tried both discrete and continuous.
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Muhammed Fasil
Muhammed Fasil 2016년 6월 5일
I am expecting Triangular wave with peaks +1 and -1. Why is this unsymmetrical?
Weird Rando
Weird Rando 2016년 6월 5일
Have you tried to increase the number of samples.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro 2016년 6월 5일
I'd recommend going to the model's Configuration Parameters. In the Solver pane, ensure the "Max Step Size" value is set to something small like 1e-5. This way, you limit the model's time step such that your waveform can be constructed properly.
- Sebastian


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