Is it possible to rename rt_OneStep?

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Zoltan 2016년 5월 30일
답변: Venkatachala Sarma 2016년 6월 3일
I am generating code from two or more models. Every model is generating an rt_OneStep function on its own. I am integrating the generated code in a project set-up in an external IDE. I would like to use the rt_OneStep functions without manual modification of their name. Is it possible to change the name of the automatically generated rt_OneStep function (e. g. to model_rt_OneStep)?


Venkatachala Sarma
Venkatachala Sarma 2016년 6월 3일
rt_OneStep() function is called by the Scheduler Timer which is a part of the Hardware Support Package. Basically it is not model specific. So try to customize the code starting from the step functions and not from rt_OneStep(). If you badly need to use the rt_OneStep() as well, is it possible to share the requirement?


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